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"As CEO of NEPTO and having worked the last 6 months with Emma-Lou, I’ve seen at first hand the quality of her work. She has taken the NEPTO brand to a whole new level in terms of visuals and aesthetics. Her composition work on the photos is remarkable and her level of ability with photo retouching is really quality. This is demonstrated on our website Her understanding of colours and light allows her to enhance, in a beautiful way, each photo she retouches. Ask her for a before/after on any photo and you will immediately see the value and talent in her work. Emma-lou is precise and has a real sense for detail, which is what we wish for in our photos. It is with great luck and a pleasure to have her in our team and to work with Emma-Lou on a daily basis."
"We booked Emma-Lou for our wedding day and it was a pleasure! She was working from the background to get the most natural shots of everyone! She is also very creative, especially when it comes to pictures of details, like the wedding rings etc! I would totally recommend hiring her because her lovely character makes it very easy!"
"I have really appreciated working with Emma-Lou and recommend her as a portrait photographer and without reservation. With my new career as a life+career coach, I needed some portraits that would bring out the qualities that inspire trust and confidence. Emma-Lou's shots do just that. She put me at ease, allowed me to experiment with a variety of poses and outfits. It was a lot of fun, with fantastic results. Her use of light really transmits the energy we had during the shoot."
"I met Emma-Lou by chance in a café she sometimes worked in and the moment she told me her passion for being a photographer I could see her behind the camera taking pictures of me and most of all, a space where I could show off! From that moment, I realised what’s important about being with someone who is looking at you through this little technical device: trust – because you need to have that! You are in the hands of the one holding the camera. This is what I could feel with Emma-Lou from the very start. When we worked together, she always stepped back, gave the person in front the space she/he needed and let what would happen emerge naturally. Her open mind, her non-conventional attitude, makes her an authentic and creative professional we all loved to work with."
"It was a pleasure working with Emma-lou. I found it to be a great experience working with a professional that immediately understood what I was looking for and the impression I wanted to give in my resume portrait. All in all a wonderful and resourceful person that is able to work efficiently while maintaining a natural and calm atmosphere."
"Thank you, thank you, Emma-Lou! Emma-Lou is an expert in making everyone feel good, happy and welcome. She made my eyes smile on my passport portrait. I like her professional but fun approach. I was fully satisfied with the results!"

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